Spirits Castle Pte Ltd may be a distributor, but we also hope to become a Singaporean independent bottler. Our work with various independent bottlers in Scotland and Taiwan leads us to dream of such a journey.

Singapore has no lack of independent bottlers if you look hard enough. Our dream, however, is to become a Singaporean independent bottler that is both approachable and affordable. As a brand, we strive to bottle unique expressions of famous distilleries to give whisky lovers a different perspective. After all, that’s the primary job of all independent bottlers!

As a Singaporean independent bottler, the central market we want to serve is Singapore. Nonetheless, we hope to gain recognition in overseas markets in future to serve the world.

Mahjong Series

Mahjong is a game that most Chinese love to play, especially during the Chinese New Year holidays. It is a game that requires more skills than luck to win, and learners often have to “pay tuition fees” to perfect their skills.

Our Mahjong bottling is the first baby step Spirits Castle took to become a Singaporean independent bottler. We work with our friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to jointly bottle the series.

Our work involves sampling various whisky casks and making our joint choices in bottling single casks for our Mahjong Series. Covid-19 has made it impossible for us to meet and sending whisky samples four-ways is proving more challenging than ever. Please be patient with us as we take a rest from the series. It will be back next year!

The current eight bottles are selected for their excellent qualities and the interesting differences that they have compared to official bottling. The total collection will be 34 expressions, and the release dates will span three to five years.

Talisker Bottling

Our second independent bottling started with a wee sip of a mysterious liquid at a whisky fair in Taiwan. Tony from HNWS Taiwan passed it to us and asked for our opinion on it. Not knowing that it was a cask sample, we tried it and got interested right from the first sip.

It turned out to be a rare cask sample of Talisker. When Tony asked if we would like to bottle the whisky jointly, we shouted “YES”! Later on, we discovered that Whisky Lovers Hong Kong, the distributors for HNWS Taiwan in HK are also interested. It became a three-way joint bottling.

It was another baby step towards our dream as a Singaporean independent bottler. While these baby steps are still small and tentative, we will keep doing that to gain more experience with sampling and bottling.

A note on our Talisker: It is mellow for an 8-year-old whisky. Our customers think it is awesome for its age, but hey, that’s the beauty of whisky. Not all young whiskies are sharp and frisky! Sometimes, they have an old soul. 🙂

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