Distillerie Tessendier & Fils goes a long way back into French history, making it a part of the Cognac region’s ancestral cultural heritage. The distillery started in 1862, where Gaston Tessendier acquired Buisson as well as other land and plots of vines, together making up what is the current Distillerie Tessendier estate.

Despite the long history, the Tessendier family is still running the distillery in the present times, with Lilian and Jerome Tessendier helming the production process. The brothers made sure that every bottle that holds the name Tessendier is of the highest quality by tasting the dozens of grades of Eaux-de-vie from the best terroirs the Cognac region has to offer every day. Only those with the highest potential join the extensive range of Eaux-de-vie stored in the cellars.

The expertise of the cognac makers at Distillerie Tessendier comes from generations of experience and research. The current makers received their education from the previous generation of makers, and add their research to improve the production process.

The distillery produces Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. Each Eaux-de-vie preludes to the future creation of cognacs which are all characterised by a single style with unique flavours and aromas.

Cognac Park in Singapore

The Cognac Park Collection is a series of cognac that comes from different regions. Each of them is carefully crafted to represent the best that they should.

The Cognac Park Borderies hails exclusively from the idyllic Borderies growing area of the Cognac region has been carefully assembled to highlight the delightful characteristics typical of only the best Borderies cognacs, as seen through its vibrant and bright apricot colour.

The original Cognac Park Borderies is known as “single vineyard” and represents the beauty of the rich and robust flavours typical of the Borderies region. It has a pure, delicate and intricate style, featuring the best of their terroirs.

The latest addition to the family of Cognac Park Borderies, however, added a new dimension to the robust and rich cognac with a finish in Mizunara cask. As we know, Mizunara oak is a rare varietal of oak from Japan, and the porous wood is used to create unique barrels for ageing Japanese premium spirits. The Mizunara barrels enhances the soft, round taste and floral notes of the Borderies cognac, bringing more depth and complexity through the addition of pleasant spice to both the nose and the palate.

Park Mizunara is 100% from Borderies, the most exclusive of the six terroirs in the French Cognac region, which is characterised by rounded, floral and sweet Eaux-de-vie, with subtle hints of violets.

The distillery makes use of the process of double distillation using traditional copper pot stills (not unlike Scotch whisky!). The production method makes it possible to obtain complex, finely elaborated spirits. The technique is called the “Charentais Method”.

The distillate then spends four years in French oak barrels of 400 litres. First, it is aged in new barrels for ten months; then it gets a transfer to used casks. Each cask is mainly from the Limousin forest.

At the end of the ageing period, the cognac is finished in new Mizunara casks (500 litres in volume) for six months before getting bottled at 43.5% abv.

Introducing The Cognac Aroma Wheel

The cognac aroma wheel is not unlike what we used in whisky to find the flavours present in the liquid. Fifty leading chefs, sommeliers, cellar masters, tasting experts and specialist journalists came together to describe and define the rich aromas of cognac, creating the wheel shown above.

The words in red are those used to describe the Park Borderies Mizunara. As you can see, the descriptors are many, and each flavour denotes the complexity of the dram.

How To Enjoy Cognac Park Mizunara?

Similar to whisky, there is no “one perfect way” to drink cognac. The best way is always the way that you enjoyed it the most.

If you wish to explore the flavours of the Park Mizunara for the first time, you can consider trying it neat using a tasting glass. Get the aromas from the nose and sip it to get the flavours on the palate. Leaving a little in the bottom of the glass and returning to it after a few minutes will open up a host of new aromas, helping you to appreciate the complexity of the dram.

We would, however, highly recommend you to drink the cognac in any way that you like, because that is always the best way to drink it!

Where Can You Find Cognac Park Mizurana in Singapore?

Spirits Castle is the official distributor in Singapore for the cognac and will be shipping in the first batch by the end of April. We are working to send some of our stocks to the retailers and bars that we are working with right now, but if you are keen to try a bottle, you can buy it here.

Stay tuned while we bring the cognac to a store near you soon!