Penderyn is a whisky distillery located in Wales, in a small but historic village known as Penderyn. A group of friends conceived the idea of setting up the first whisky distillery in Wales in the late 1990s. The distillery was born in 2000 and opened on 1 March 2004, in the presence of HRH Prince Charles.

Distilling in Wales was a lost art for centuries, but not anymore. With Penderyn pushing its frontiers, whisky from Wales is gaining an excellent reputation worldwide.

The distillery boasts of a few things which other distilleries do not have. One of their prized possessions is their single copper-pot stills. Dr David Faraday, a descendant of the famous Victorian scientist, Michael Faraday, designed the copper-pot stills. Penderyn produces whisky from the copper-pot still and yields a flavourful spirit of high strength and purity. The clean spirit comes with great complexity, depth and finesse that translate to the flavourful whiskies that Penderyn is famous for.

Penderyn Whisky In Singapore

Dragon Range

The Dragon range consists of a trio of expression that each represents a part of Wales and Welsh history. The red dragon is the symbol of Wales as it is the national flag. The Royal Welsh badge bears the motto ‘Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn’, which translates as ‘The red dragon inspires action.’

There are three expressions in the Dragon range.

Legend features the house style of the distillery. Matured in fine ex-bourbon casks, it is then finished in ex-Madeira casks.
Myth is as mysterious as it claims to be. First matured in ex-bourbon casks, it is then finished in selected ex-red wine casks.
Celt is a lightly peated whisky. It is matured in ex-bourbon casks before getting a peaty finish in ex-peated whisky casks.

All three expressions are made from just three ingredients – barley, clear spring water and yeast.

These expressions are finally bottled at 41% abv.

Gold Range

The Gold Range reflects the value and qualities of Welsh gold that was worn by legendary Welsh princes. Welsh gold is extremely rare to come by, and these are made into pure and precious jewellery for the Welsh princes. The gold mines are closed now, but Welsh gold continues to live on in Penderyn’s Gold range.

There are five expressions in this range.

Madeira-Finish is the original house style of the distillery. It is matured in fine ex-bourbon barrels and finished in Madeira wood.
Portwood is a complex whisky that is matured in both ex-bourbon casks and ruby port casks before getting married in a 50-50 ratio.
Sherrywood is a flavourful crowd-favourite that is matured in both ex-bourbon casks and ex-Oloroso sherry casks before getting married in a 70-30 ratio.
Rich Oak is another crowd pleaser that is matured in ex-bourbon casks and getting a finish in ex-red wine casks that are shaved, toasted and recharred.
Peated is, of course, the peated version in the gold range. It is matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in ex-peaty whiskies casks.

Each expression in the gold range is bottled at 46% abv.

Where Can You Find Penderyn in Singapore?

For Industry and Trade:
Spirits Castle is the sole distributor for Penderyn in Singapore. We welcome all inquiries from our potential trade partners, and you can reach out to us at We take great pride in Penderyn and will be happy to bring these fantastic whiskies for you to sample at your preferred location.

For Retail and Purchase:
Spirits Castle works with a few retailers to sell Penderyn in Singapore. You can find Penderyn whiskies at Cellarbration (all outlets), Vom Fass (Ion Orchard) and Providore (Downtown Gallery).

For Whisky Drinkers:
Penderyn whiskies can be found in various bars in Singapore. Head over to Conrad Centennial Singapore, Wala Wala Cafe Bar, The Joint, Tipple and Dram as well as Copper to enjoy our whiskies by the glass! You can also taste our whiskies at Punjab Grill, the fine dining Indian restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.


In conjunction with our retailers, we hold regular tasting sessions at both Cellarbration and Providore. You can find the schedules of these tasting sessions on our Events Page.

Spirits Castle also conduct Masterclasses with our partners. As we are celebrating our first anniversary in June and July, there will be many different Masterclasses coming up during this period. Go to our Events Page for the full details of each session. We will update the page whenever there are new events. So, check back often! 🙂