Spirits Castle may be a distributor, but we also explore the possibility of becoming an independent bottler. As we work with various independent bottlers in Taiwan, we wanted to do joint bottling with them to tap on their expertise in choosing casks and to learn from them.

Our first joint bottling came as a surprise partly because we joined the venture at the last minute. One of our friends run Spirits Salon in Taichung, Taiwan, and we know that he often does joint bottling with his friends in China and Hong Kong. When we visited his shop in December 2018, he invited us to be part of their joint bottling team. The theme is Mahjong. We were excited! After discussion with the team, we agreed to hop onto the bandwagon and so, here we are.

Mahjong Series – Spirits Castle Joint Bottling

Mahjong is a game that most Chinese love to play during their free time, especially during the Chinese New Year holidays. It is a game that requires more than luck to win, and those who are learning how to play often have to “pay tuition fees” in terms of losing the game to learn how to win it eventually.

The Mahjong bottling is a collaboration between four companies. Each company represents one country. We have as the “four corners” of the Mahjong table – Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

Spirits Castle is honoured to work with our friends to jointly choose and bottle casks for our Mahjong series. The current eight bottles are selected for their excellent qualities and the interesting differences that they have compared to the official bottling in the market. The total collection will be 34 expressions, and the release dates will span three to five years.

Spirits Castle x HNWS x Whisky Lovers HK

Our second collaboration with Taiwan and Hong Kong resulted in a rare bottle of Talisker. Spirits Castle works closely with HNWS Taiwan as its distributor in Singapore. We got to know Whisky Lovers HK as they are the distributors in Hong Kong. We tasted the Talisker cask sample on December 2018, and all three companies agreed that it is a good cask. As a result, we decided to jointly buy and bottle the cask together instead of fighting to win the cask on our own.

Talisker single casks are rare, and we tasted the quality of the liquid during the cask sampling. Although it is an 8 years old whisky, the liquid presented complexities that are pleasant and lovely to explore. It is mellow and full of flavours too.  Distilled in 2010, it is bottled in mid-2019.

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