Welcome to Whisky Talk, Spirits Castle’s wee blog on everything whisky!

In this section, you can find articles from our team as we share knowledge, information and opinions. Whisky Talk will range from Scotch to World whiskies, cask ownership information and other news. Occasionally, we will speak of other spirits such as rums, cognacs and gins. The focus is on all things whisky, so please expect more than just the brands we represent. We want to be inclusive and provide easy-to-digest information. 

Why Whisky Talk

Spirits Castle feels the need to connect and share our thoughts and ideas with you, our clients, in the new normal. We used to meet regularly in whisky events, but in a post-Covid-19 world, that is hard. Therefore, having a wee blog appears to be the next thing we can do to reach out and connect. It may not be much, but it is done with all our hearts.

Types of Contents

As a blog, most of our contents would be articles, but there will also be videos, infographics and exciting news to share. As we have just started building our blog, do be patient with us as we add new contents.

Connect with Us

Feel free to reach out to us and share our Whisky Talk contents if you find them useful!

Please use the hashtags #spiritscastle and #whiskytalk when sharing our contents. By doing so, we build a community that loves the same things!

If there is a topic that you want us to write about, contact us via the contact form below!

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Slàinte Mhath, from all of us at Spirits Castle

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