Introducing Dràm Mòr Group

Scotland’s Independent Bottlers

Spirits Castle is proud to introduce our latest partner in our journey into independent bottling. Dràm Mòr Group is one of Scotland’s independent bottlers that has been gaining fame quickly across the UK and Europe! Helmed by founders Kenny and Viktorija Macdonald, the family-owned business is taking the world by storm!

Dràm Mòr Group started out as an export agency in 2011, where it helped distributors to venture into markets outside of Scotland. In 2019, Kenny and Viktorija started their own branding, building it from scratch. Today, they are owners of a brand that is growing fast and furious.

Spirits Castle is proud to be their Asia distributors, taking care of the business in the East. Singapore is naturally their first call in the company’s expedition in the East, with other countries coming on board in future.

Dràm Mòr bottles are landing in Singapore sometime in September, and we are planning for an exciting time ahead for the brand. Follow us at our various social media channels to be the first ones to know when the bottles arrive!

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