Introducing Dràm Mòr Group

Dràm Mòr Group opened its doors since 2013 as a spirits export agency and fully established itself as a family-owned independent bottler in 2019. The company headquarter is in the town of Dumbarton.

The Beginnings of Dram Mor Group

The owners of Dram Mor Group are husband and wife team, Kenny and Viktorija Macdonald. Passionate about whiskies, they have worked in the whisky industry for many years. Initially, the company operates as an export agent for various Scottish distilleries. In 2018, the dynamic duo started investing in whisky casks, purely for themselves. However, as they began to amass more than just a few whisky casks, Kenny thought it was time to take a step further as an independent bottler! In 2019, Dram Mor started bottling their first series of whisky casks with the advice of Jim McEwan, the whisky legend.

Alas, Covid-19 struck the world in early 2020, pushing back the timeline that Kenny and Viktorija had first set out. Nonetheless, Viktorija worked hard in securing most of her distributors in Europe and also reached out to Spirits Castle in Singapore!

Dràm Mòr prides itself as a single cask whisky bottler, choosing quality casks to showcase the best of every Scottish whisky. Every bottling goes through the strict criteria that co-founder, Kenny MacDonald set down. Each whisky cask is unique, and only the best whisky that passed the criteria get bottled.

More Than Just an Independent Bottler

If you think that Dram Mor is just yet another independent bottler, then you have misunderstood them. Besides bottling single cask whiskies under their brand, Dram Mor Group is also a whisky cask broker, working exclusively with Scotch whiskies. Spirits Castle, of course, becomes their exclusive agent in Singapore and South East Asia for whisky cask brokerage too!

Dram Mor Group offers not only the chance for our clients to own whisky casks but also services such as re-racking (transferring whisky from one cask to another). Re-racking assures cask owners of good outcomes for their whisky. They are also highly connected around the world, making it easy for cask owners to sell their casks. To make things even sweeter, Jim McEwan gives advice to Kenny and Viktorija on the side! So any cask owners who have casks with us will know that they have many experts to discuss details with.

Meet the People Behind Dràm Mòr

Kenny Macdonald

Co-Founder of Dràm Mòr Group

Kenny grew up in a whisky family. His grandfather was a foreman in Ballantine’s distillery in Dumbarton and exposed Kenny to whisky at a young age. While he started his career in a different track, Kenny eventually found his way back to whisky. As the co-founder of Dràm Mòr Group, he specialises in choosing and bottling whiskies, building a customer base, and scaling export businesses. Kenny also hosts many whisky tastings and events, working with customers such as Rolls Royce Global, World Golf Hall of Fame, Glasgow University and a number of Scottish distilleries. Once he starts talking about whisky, his passion shines through like a beacon of sunlight!

Viktorija Macdonald

Co-Founder of Dràm Mòr Group

Viktorija is a Lithuanian national residing in Scotland. She is the first Lithuanian to venture into the world of whisky, and one of six Lithuanian nationals to receive the Prince Philip Award for Entrepreneurship. The award thanked business owners for developing projects between Scotland and Lithuania. Viktorija speaks seven foreign languages and developed most of the export markets for Dràm Mòr Group. She also represents a number of Scottish distilleries as an export agent and works as a whisky broker. Viktorija was the one who spotted the opportunities in cask investments and is now the driving force for the business in Asia.

Ruaraidh Macdonald

Sales Manager

Ruaraidh is a young man with many talents. He was Scotland’s youngest certified Whisky Ambassador at the age of 18 years and 1 day. Ruaraidh spent the last five years working with Dràm Mòr and developing his knowledge, passion and appreciation of whisky in the Glasgow bar scene. He co-hosted many of Dràm Mòr’s tasting and events alongside Kenny, sharing his knowledge to the community. In recent years, he also became the youngest judge on the panel of Oran Mor’s prestigious Whisky Awards. Ruaraidh now uses his knowledge and skills to run the day-to-day business at Dràm Mòr.

Where to Buy Dram Mor Products

Spirits Castle sells all Dràm Mòr bottles through our online store.

Their Autumn and Christmas releases from 2020 are available for purchases as we await for their new Spring 2021 releases coming in May 2021!

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