We are Spirits Castle Pte Ltd

Our Story

Spirits Castle is a wholly Singaporean company importing and distributing various alcoholic spirits. We work with distilleries and independent bottlers to bring a balanced range of products for our customers. Our portfolio includes The Borders Distillery (Scotland), Distillerie Tessendier & Fils (France), Dram Mor Group Ltd (Scotland), and HNWS (Taiwan). Each brand brings a variety of products to the table, including whiskies, gins, vodka and cognacs. All our products have to pass through our founder’s strict rules of selection before we agree to represent them. 

Spirits Castle is also an independent bottler from 2019. We have done various joint-bottling with our friends in Taiwan, and are now looking forward to bottling our very own range of products in the next few years. 

Besides importing and distributing spirits, our company is also a cask broker. We work exclusively with Dram Mor Group Ltd to bring whisky cask ownership to our clients. The whisky cask ownership programme is an extension of our services for whisky curation. Clients can buy single malt Scotch whisky casks through us with Dram Mor Group for investment or future bottling. 

Our Mission

We are whisky lovers, first and foremost. We want to bring more variety of alcoholic spirits into Singapore. Hence, at the heart of Spirits Castle is the desire to hunt for suppliers and brands that are not yet in Singapore. Our search brought us to Scotland, Taiwan and France. There will be more in future as we continue our passionate search for quality spirits for Singapore and her surrounding regions.

Offering excellent customer service and quality spirits is at the heart of what we want to achieve with Spirits Castle.

Product Quality

We import our products from reliable suppliers from the UK, France and Taiwan. We set high standards for our products and ensure that they pass our quality checks before we offer them to our customers.

You have our promise that we will only sell authentic, quality products.