HNWS Taiwan is the shortened name of Home Need Wine & Spirits, an independent bottler and shop in Taoyuan, Taiwan. While the name may sound weird to you, it holds a lot of meaning to the owner, Mr Tony Chiu. His vision for the independent label is heartwarming – to ensure that everyone can afford his bottles of whisky anytime!

The vision and mission of the owner created HNWS Taiwan. Stating the obvious appears to be the best way to position his brand within the market he wishes to serve. Hence, HNWS Taiwan is born. In a blink of an eye, the shop has been in operation for the past 15 years. Tony has selected hundreds of casks for his own brand, since 2014 and he does not intend to stop.

HNWS Taiwan bottles more than 10 expressions a year, and we had many sold-out bottlings! Tony is an excellent curator of fine whiskies and if you take the time to try one, you will understand why people in Taiwan and Hong Kong go crazy about this independent bottler.

Where to Buy HNWS Products