Knowing How to Choose Suitable Whisky Casks For Bottling

Since the launch of our cask ownership program, we have quite a few clients asking us this question, “How do I choose a suitable whisky cask?” The answer to this question varies from client to client. In part one of our two-part articles, let us provide some pointers for buyers looking to buy a suitable whisky cask for bottling.

The Suitable Whisky Cask for Bottling (Individuals)

For a cask owner who looks forward to bottling the whisky in the future, whisky preference is the utmost important factor. A whisky bottler must like what he is bottling, especially if he is an individual.

Your Personal Preferences

“I want to bottle the cask after 10 years, what should I buy?”

As an individual looking to bottle your own cask of whisky, the first question to ask is “What do I like?” You will be drinking the whisky, gifting it to your loved ones and friends, or celebrating an occasion with the bottling. Therefore, the right whisky cask is the one you like.

Some of you would like to taste the whisky before making a choice. We need to let you know in advance that paid samples can be hard to come by. As our cask list includes private casks held by individuals, the sellers may not want to provide paid samples as it depletes the whisky within the casks. Also, the cost of a 500ml sample does not come cheap. Nonetheless, we can try to ask the owner for a sample if you wish to pay for a sample.

Budget is crucial

Besides personal preferences, the next question is your budget. Whisky casks vary in prices due to the distillery prices, the size of the cask, and the type of cask. Therefore, it is ideal to work with a budget, especially if you are planning on re-racking the whisky into another cask before bottling.

It also pays to remember that bottling and logistics incur cost. You will do well to put those costs at the back of your mind when doing the calculations for your budget.

The Suitable Whisky Cask for Bottling (Company)

As the owner of a business, your desire to bottle a cask usually stems from the potential sales that you can make out of it. The whisky may eventually be sold at your bar, restaurant or hotel. It can also be given as gifts to your high net worth clients if you are not an F&B business owner.

Know the flavours preferences

Choosing a suitable whisky cask, in this case, is not about what you like, but what the general public may like. Knowing your clients’ preference is paramount. If your clients love the sweet, dark fruits of a Speyside whisky matured in a sherry cask, looking for a cask that closely matches the preference will work. Otherwise, consider buying a bourbon cask and re-racking it into a sherry cask. On the other hand, if your clients like the sweet and fruity flavours, buying a bourbon cask is a better option.

Budgeting Matters

Business is all about the bottom line, so matters of finance are critical too. While an individual may be concerned about his budget, a business must be aware of its bottom line and profits. Bottling a cask will potentially earn you more profits, which translate to your ROI. That is why you have to know the type of whiskies that are popular in your bar, restaurant or hotel, and buy a suitable whisky cask that is in line with what’s popular with your customers.

To Conclude

To be sure of your end goal is just as crucial as knowing what whisky you like. Spirits Castle provides recommendations and nuggets of information to help you select, but the ultimate decision lies with you. Just like other kinds of investments, a certain level of risk is involved. We encourage you to find out as much information as you can from the materials we will send you at the beginning and from your research.