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Penderyn’s Icons of Wales – Royal Welsh Whisky

I love a good story in any products, so the Icons of Wales series from Penderyn distillery usually gets me excited. The launch of the Royal Welsh Whisky, however, tips the excitement over the top. The expression has a story and a true history behind it. Before I wade into the history of the Royal […]

Home Need Wine & Spirits | HNWS Taiwan

鋐釀酒坊, or what is better known as HNWS in this part of the world, is a popular whisky shop in Taoyuan, Taiwan. In the shop tucked away from the main street, a wealth of whisky treasures sits. Ranging from official bottling from countless Scottish distilleries to independent bottling from various independent bottlers across the world, the […]

Choosing The Right Whisky Cask For Sales

Since the launch of our cask ownership program, we have quite a few clients asking us this question, “How do I choose the right whisky cask?” The answer to this question varies from client to client, depending on their needs. In our second article of the series, let us look at choosing the right whisky […]

The Mahjong Series, Our First Foray Into Independent Bottling

If you have followed Spirits Castle from our humble beginnings, you would have noticed or bought our Mahjong series. Launched in April 2019, the Mahjong Series is Spirits Castle’s first venture into independent bottling. Together with our more experienced friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, we brought our inspirations to life. How did it […]

3 Reasons Why Whisky Drinkers Buy Casks

There is no surprise that we sold two whisky casks in the short two weeks since our launch of the cask ownership program. The popularity of whisky is on the rise since 2010. The momentum is gaining on us as many whisky drinkers seek ways to overcome the rising prices of whisky and capitalize on […]

Launching Whisky Talk, our opinions on everything whisky

Two years passed in a flash for Spirits Castle. 2020 has proved to be challenging, to say the least. Despite all the difficulties that we face so far, Spirits Castle is making inroads into the world of whisky. Our wee achievement in 2020 is the blossoming relationship with our new supplier, Dram Mor Group. Their […]