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Ben Nevis – Distillery Deep Dive

Ben Nevis single malt whisky is so popular that almost every independent bottler has one or more bottling under their belts. It is also a source of great interest for cask owners. Recently, news of regulating Japanese whiskies have also put Ben Nevis back into the limelight – for the wrong reasons. As there are […]

Doing Your Due Diligence – As a Potential Cask Owner

We live in an unpredictable world right now. With Covid-19 still raging in many parts of the world, the global economy is facing a huge challenge. International travels come to a halt and some people realised the spare cash could potentially go into a proper investment.  At the same time, alternative investments such as whisky […]

Whisky Cask Investment – What You Need To Know

Personal investment in Scotch whisky cask is not for everyone. It satisfies unique investment needs for individuals looking for alternatives. Cask investment also requires more research than the regular stocks and property markets. For individuals keen on whisky casks investment, there are key points that they should be aware of. Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) published […]

Choosing The Right Whisky Cask For Sales

Since the launch of our cask ownership program, we have quite a few clients asking us this question, “How do I choose the right whisky cask?” The answer to this question varies from client to client, depending on their needs. In our second article of the series, let us look at choosing the right whisky […]

3 Reasons Why Whisky Drinkers Buy Casks

There is no surprise that we sold two whisky casks in the short two weeks since our launch of the cask ownership program. The popularity of whisky is on the rise since 2010. The momentum is gaining on us as many whisky drinkers seek ways to overcome the rising prices of whisky and capitalize on […]